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Hygge at the cottage by the sea

Storm Doris has arrived and it's throwing a temper all around the house; lashing rain and sleet, swirling winds that feel like they are trying to find a way in to the house, pushing against the windows, whistling down the chimney, knocking against the door.

So, what better time to practise the art of ‘Hygge’? This one word, Danish in origin, is being used everywhere at the moment, and can be used to describe the act of hunkering down, shutting the weather out, and making your surroundings warm and cosy, safe and friendly with candle light, food, friends and of course, beautiful textiles.


This is an act that we British folk have practised for years. We light fires and cuddle up on the sofa (the welsh use the word ‘cwtch’ to describe cuddling up to someone), it’s just that we don’t have one specific word to describe this act, as the Danish do. So, as storm Doris rages outside, we light the candles, huddle around the fire and ‘hygge’.


........and when it all gets too much......!

 p.s. the beautiful crocheted blanket (above) is hand made by a very clever, very lovely friend of mine. It will soon be for for sale in the 'friends and finds' collection coming soon. If you cant wait that long (and there is only one of these), feel free to email me.

Camilla x


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